$50.00 Registration Fee.



Infant – 18 months

$44.00 per day


Part time

$ 48:00 per day


19 to 30 months

Full Time
$44:00 per day


Part time

$43:00 per day

2.5 to 4 years.

Full Time:
$42:00 per day


 Part Time:
$41:00 perday

4 to 5 years

School Age Care
6 to 12 years


Full Time:
$40:00 per day


Full Time
$40:00 per day 

Befire & After School
$30:00 per day

Before & After School
$25:00 per day


The Fees are based on a maximum of 10 hour a day.  If additional hours are required on a regular basis the charge will be $2/hour or part hour per child. If additional hours are required on a temporary basis the charge will be $8 per hour per child. Care before 7 am to 6 pm, or later than 6 pm will incur an additional charge of $2.00 per hour or part hour per child. A late fee of $8.00 an hour per child will be charged if your child is picked up later than the arranged time.
For a information package please email 


or phone Sonia at 905-792-0880.



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